2014-2016, works on canvas

It encapsulates infinity and elusiveness, liquidity of the line, absence of the beginning and the end. The inability to stop in the static rectangle of the painting. The lines always run beyond its boundaries. It is gravitation that decides about directions, tensions, meetings and partings. The images have no composition, but a soft, wavy plane which seems to be flowing, living and breathing. They are monochromatic, linear landscapes of my mind, soul, life, heART, without a trace of the perspective. Canvas are the creative space of the painter, on which the painter's intuition together with gravitation construct painting worlds. The lines, running continually “ahead”, remind us of time — which is unstoppable. It is an abstractive, linear space.

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White page

2016, Permeation, group exhibition, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

„a white page”

Stéphan Mallarmé’s plain-white canvas stands for purity, non-presence, and emptiness. In painting, a white canvas could be perceived as an equivalent of an empty white page in poetry. A distance, internal silence and calmness. Focus and willingness to listen and watch closely. Creative emptiness of a kind, a delicate step back just to give way to things, allowing whatever this empty place will bring and be filled with, offering the space to nature, the birds, the wind...

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Sztuka szuka IQ


Lines — independent painting Beings

2014, exhibition at the BWA Gallery, Gorzów Wielkopolski

It's just fragments of the world to be captured by us, and it won't change. Nothing but moments, fractions, momentary configurations that fall into pieces right after they come into existence. Life? There's no such thing; I can see lines, planes and solids, and their changes in time.
Olga Tokarczuk, Bieguni (2007)

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