My private area of the protected landscape

2009-2016, works on paper, watercolour

The art is associated with the nature just as much as it is related to the man. Artist standing on the border of relation between the culture and nature is a link of these two worlds, a sensitive recipient and a sender. The amazing prodigality of nature in the use of blue is a continuation of the project My private area of ​​protected landscape. The world is an indivisible unity and it belongs to both the nature and the man, his work and his art. The exhibition which is a summary of the project, presents a complete cycle and will be created as a painting space in which the image (painting) will be understood as part of the world, fulfilling the function of communication within the same world and realised only a certain degree of perfection. The world of art and artists, a variety of artistic attitudes is really infinite and cannot be grasped just like the world of nature. Each element is of the essence of macro and micro perspective.

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