Urszula Wilk received her Master of Arts Degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland in 1986 at prof. Zbigniew Karpiński's atelie.

Awards and grants

Selected solo exhibitions 2012-2016

Selected group exhibitions 2012-2016

At the beginning of 1990s she was invited to participate in artistic actions taking place in the urban space of Wrocław. The said actions were initiated and organised by painters Lech Twardowski and Eugeniusz Minciel. In those times, such actions were innovative and unique.
1990 – Painted Tower, 19×9 meters. The action consisted in a prior preparation by the various artists of artistic objects: paintings that had 10×9 meters military tank tarpaulins as their starting base. The said paintings were then installed vertically on the scaffolding of the Garrison Church tower in the Main Square. Starting with independently functioning paintings, we aimed at integrating them into a common whole – an artistic installation.
1991 – Parachutes. The action consisted in placing artistic objects: paintings that had parachutes as their starting base in the northern section of Wrocław’s Main Square. Each artist conveyed their own painting ideas onto parachute surfaces. Thus prepared paintings were then mounted along the northern section of the Main Square, at the 3rd floor level horizontally over the street, thereby creating an installation of paintings hanging over the heads of passers-by.


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