My private area of the protected landscape

2009-2016, works on paper, watercolour

The art is associated with the nature just as much as it is related to the man. Artist standing on the border of relation between the culture and nature is a link of these two worlds, a sensitive recipient and a sender. The amazing prodigality of nature in the use of blue is a continuation of the project My private area of ​​protected landscape. The world is an indivisible unity and it belongs to both the nature and the man, his work and his art. The exhibition which is a summary of the project, presents a complete cycle and will be created as a painting space in which the image (painting) will be understood as part of the world, fulfilling the function of communication within the same world and realised only a certain degree of perfection. The world of art and artists, a variety of artistic attitudes is really infinite and cannot be grasped just like the world of nature. Each element is of the essence of macro and micro perspective.

Consequence of my painting attitude is an important element of diversity and complement the creation of a common consciousness and yet I feel like an integral part of nature.
My private area of ​​protected landscape — consists of open, paint compositions, consisting of modules creating a pictorial space that, depending on the capabilities of the exhibition can grow or narrow. At the same time each component of a larger whole is a finite, self-image.
Construction of painting environment is a direct reference to nature, which consists of an unlimited number of elements, and these elements function in an infinite number of combinations. It is difficult to remain indifferent towards this fascinating ability of nature to the variability and uniqueness and ability to evolve.
Nature can create itself, through the creation of spatial forms, unique structures existing for a moment or centuries, changing color and light depending on time of day or year.
Painting measures are used in a way that extends the boundaries of the image — the space beyond the image and the space within the image — an image not having a permanent stroke and line stopping. Aspect of the fragment to form a whole and the relationship — background (the voice that reaches the empty space, having equal importance of form and colour).
Painting-Image understood in this way — there is nothing in the illusionist, is purely visual and aesthetic sensation, intuitively engineered by the artist and generating an infinite number of worlds. The value is what is elusive and unnamed variables and the viewer is actively cooperates in the creation of new meanings, and meanings.