Unsent letters from Beijing, Entropia Gallery

2012-2013, painting installation, chinese paper, ink, size determined by installation

Windows on Utopia — paintings of Urszula Wilk

(...) Letters are always addressed to somebody. Even if the addressee is a stranger. Letters not sent have their addressee or addressees too. The paintings-letters of Urszula Wilk are a kind of self-portrait whose idea is not the representation of the current appearance, but the expression of the inexpressible. These letters are entrusted to the air; the distance between the hand holding the brush and the surface of the paper filters and encodes the ‘uttered’ words. These words are monologues written by the artist to herself, although, perhaps, she writes them because of somebody or something. She encapsulates her thoughts and emotions in a kind of writing that cannot be decoded. Only to such a notation may one safely confide what must come into being and, at the same time, be kept at the perimeter of expression. Even if just to avoid hurting somebody too deeply. (…)

Marek Śnieciński

The work was presented at the following exhibitions:
2012, Unsent letters from Beijing, Shang Yuan Art Museum, China
2013, Unsent letters from Beijing, Entropy Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
2015, there is/there isn't — the collection of the Zacheta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Poland