White page

2016, Permeation, group exhibition, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

„a white page”

Stéphan Mallarmé’s plain-white canvas stands for purity, non-presence, and emptiness. In painting, a white canvas could be perceived as an equivalent of an empty white page in poetry. A distance, internal silence and calmness. Focus and willingness to listen and watch closely. Creative emptiness of a kind, a delicate step back just to give way to things, allowing whatever this empty place will bring and be filled with, offering the space to nature, the birds, the wind...

The live nature creates the architecture of the air. Every movement, every flap of a bird’s wings, leaves falling, a breath and each sound – all leave a drawing in the air, creating invisible shapes and forms that sketch and paint themselves, thus merely reacting to the living world. An absolutely clean white page is filled with the wind, rain, shadow and… other traces of life. Pieces of rock, pebbles, lumps of earth, and shadows of grass and birds – all become brush strokes. The canvas left in clean white – a seemingly empty plain, becomes as important as any “painterly marks” left by the nature or the painter.
A “Carte Blanche” for both of the parties concerned. Total trust and freedom; the freedom to act. The “non-painterly means” used to create such a “picture – non-picture” in a way expand the limits of the work of art – the space outside of the picture united with the plain of the “white page”, like a mark of white paint frozen within the “space-picture” that has neither a permanent outline or a holding line.
A painting-picture in space understood in this way is free from any illusionistic aspects. It is a purely visual-aesthetic and emotional experience intuitively constructed by both the artist and the nature, thus generating an infinite number of worlds. Anything elusive, changeable and unnamed becomes a value. Events that cumulate and influence us and our perception of the world; things that happen unpredictably; or conversely, things that result from our words or actions. A multitude of events.
The “White page” is a step back, a “non-activity” aimed at creating a space which both parties are free to fill and to dissociate oneself from a situation, an event, or a conversation... From a view of a flying bird, a falling leaf or rain.